Old-School Arcade Games Fun to Play on Mobile

Back then, games can only be played on arcade consoles. Some people who are fortunate enough to buy a compact home-video game machine were able to play games in the comfort of their home. PS4, Switch, and other gaming console products are the popular gaming consoles. In the past, people need to go to an […]

Newport Landing for Fun Fishing Adventure

Newport Landing offers their amenities and services not only for tourists but also for people who love to go fishing.   Fishing is a great hobby and a fun weekend activity for men, family, as well as a group of friends. The fishing trips can be done in Newport Landing. It is open to all […]

Christopher Newport: Honor to His Name

The name Christopher Newport is popular among the students in a university in Newport, Virginia called CNU. The university has been named after him because of the contributions he did in the past.   There are other connotations to the acronym CNU. The meaning behind the abbreviation depends on the geographical location and history where […]


You may not usually see a lot of travel promotions about Newport Landing. Only a few people know that it is one of the must-see travel destinations especially for those who love to go fishing.   Newport Landing offers fishing trips open to families, friends, and individuals who would like to experience how to go […]


Christopher Newport is not an uncommon name for the students of a university in Newport News. Other people may not be familiar with his name and do not know the story why the university is named after him.   In 1960, the city of Newport News along with the Commonwealth of Virginia created Christopher Newport […]


Nowadays, smartphones are not only used for communication. It is also a great way to socialize, buy products online, as well as a form of entertainment. Not only kids are into playing mobile games, even teens and kids-at-heart are enjoying the games available on mobile phones.   Due to the popularity of mobile games, mobile […]

Newport Legacy: Places to Visit in Korea Aside from Seoul

South Korea is one of the popular tourist destinations in Asia. It is not only known for their catchy K-Pop music and beauty products. The nation is also known as a haven for tech junkies. Samsung, one of the top manufacturer or smartphones and appliances in the world, originated in South Korea. The country was […]

Newport Legacy: Is the Young Generation in South Korea Obsessed to Smartphones?

Promotions products and services from Newport Legacy Mobile Accessory are available on our website South Korea is not only popular for their K-Pop music. It is also known as one of the countries with a huge rate of smartphone users. According to the news, 72 percent of South Korean children know how to use a […]

Newport Legacy: Mobile Phone Promotion Still Strong in South Korea

Mobile companies may learn a thing or two about how South Korea do their promotions for their mobile phone industry. Even though their government admits that they have a problem with the price of the mobile products in the country, a lot of the citizens continues to avail them.   Mobile price surge The average […]